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TeamOvary: XBL Women [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Team Ovary

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figured i'd toss in my coin! [Apr. 29th, 2003|12:35 am]
Team Ovary

[mood |happyhappy]
[music |My Chemical Romance - Vampires Will Never Hurt You]

*waves* Hi! I'm Holly. I play Mech Assault and PSO right now, simply cause I don't really get down with Ghost Recon. ^ ^;; But my tag is SheKicksHigh... feel free to add me, I'd love to play with people who won't tease me for being a chick! ^_~ *hugs all around!*
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XBL: Where the girls are [Apr. 6th, 2003|02:33 pm]
Team Ovary

I've started a small page on how to find other XBL women! Please feel free to check it out, it lists some gamertags, as well as some places where XBL gals hang out on the net.

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Great Idea for a Community [Apr. 2nd, 2003|11:20 am]
Team Ovary
My name is Eve.
My handle on XboxLive is : DigitalGirl

I just got an Xbox recently but I am an avid pc gamer ^_^ (mostly Battlefield right now...but I used to play alot of CS/MOH:AA and lots of others.)

I got MechAssault last night, trying to get used to the controls right now.

As you can tell I'm new here.
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House of Tyr [Mar. 19th, 2003|07:23 am]
Team Ovary

Hey Gals,
The House of tyr http://www.houseoftyr.com is working on an All Female Battalion for Team Destruction in Mechassault! Very cool. You should check it out! Sign up! Lances still have open spots. Tournaments start soon.

Contact Wench523 in the Odin Thread to get hooked up.
Wench add:

Any lady who has a good attitude and is interested in the house of tyr,
please go to www.houseoftyr.com. Then go to the forums. Under kainx
brigade(or Order of Odin), Post in the "merc pool check in" and someone
will get back to you shortly. if any of you feel comfortable e-maing me
directly, my email address is wench523@cox.net
Thanks and happy gaming!
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Gamertags! [Feb. 5th, 2003|09:28 am]
Team Ovary

What's yours?

I'm: Metahari
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Go Team Ovary! [Feb. 4th, 2003|01:48 pm]
Team Ovary

[mood |creativecreative]

Team Ovary is an Xbox Live community for Xbox Live Women. There are plenty of Women who'd heard the call of Xbox Live and have stepped up to participate in an awesome gaming experience. TeamOvary is committed to encouraging positive gaming experiences for Women, and those who they play with and against on Xbox Live. TeamOvary is also committed to kick-butt competition and online gaming fun.

Use this space to connect, share Gamertags, coordinate battle plans and times, and sound off on your XBL experiences, good and bad.
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