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rather hilarious [Sep. 23rd, 2004|12:34 am]
Team Ovary


[mood |cheerfulfunny]

I've played those live games in Crimson Skies where people drop out of the game and abandon their teammates. Yah, you feel pity but you just go on shooting the poor bastard(s) still there. However, this evening I had the chance to taste the other side of the pie.

The game was three on three, the countdown had begun, and right before the game began the two guys on my team left. I was stuck fighting three others. Now that sucked lol especially since they sat around my spawn point and waited to get some kills; it was a long game, I took my revenge, however meager. In the end I still managed to rank second ... so I guess that makes me kind of happy ... despite the crappiness of it all. Just thought I'd share my angst ;D I brought my rank back up though, after playing a few more games.